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Women’s Ammolite Rings

Handcrafted by skilled jewelers using high-grade gemstones, our natural ammolite rings are designed to last a lifetime. Ammolite is a rare gemstone found primarily in the Bearpaw rock formation, which sits along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. The gem has a fascinating geological history, and those who are fortunate enough to own a piece of natural ammolite jewelry possess a rare gem straight from Earth’s treasure trove.

Geological History of Natural Ammolite

Ammolite deposits unearthed today were formed tens of millions of years ago during a time when a massive inland sea cut through North America. Familiar creatures roamed the inland sea, including sharks, sea turtles, and nautilus-like creatures called ammonites. When ammolites died their shells fell to the seafloor and became buried under sediments—it’s from these fossilized shells that we get ammolite, brilliantly-colored gemstones with a lustrous iridescent sheen.

While ammolite can be found in parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana, and Utah, gem-quality stones are only known to occur along the St. Mary River in southwestern Alberta. Korite International is one of only two companies that currently operate mines in the Bearpaw Formation.

How Ammolite Jewelry Is Made

The thin outer layer of ammolite (usually less than one millimeter thick) is what produces the brilliant colors the stone is known for. The most sought-after ammolite gemstones feature colors spanning the spectrum, from red to indigo. Most often, jewelers will apply a backing plus an outer coat to stabilize the gem, known as a “triplet.” Some stones require only a backing or an outer coating for stabilization—these are called “doublets.” Skilled jewelers carefully reinforce ammolite to last a lifetime, making ammolite jewelry ideal investment pieces. Alaska Jewelry proudly carries a variety of beautiful women’s ammolite ring, including rings made with Korite ammolite.  All of our natural ammolite rings are backed by a lifetime warranty—browse our collection below.

Thank you so much for your help! I have ordered the pendant through Goldsmith Gallery. I also have purchased one of the rings through them. They are a great store and have represented your product very well. My plan was to buy the ring at ******* but because the folks at Goldsmith were so awesome, and they can get the ring to me by my wives birthday, I am glad to give them my business.
Read our blog Alaska JEwelry on Pinterest Alaska Jewelry on Facebook Alaska Jewelry on Twitter Alaska Jewelry on Google Plus
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