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Ammolite Pendants

All-natural ammolite is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world. Found in just one location in southwestern Alberta, Canada, this rare and colorful stone is as interesting to learn about as it is a pleasure to wear.

Ammolite’s Fascinating Geological History

It’s hard to imagine today, but 70 to 75 million years ago North America was divided by a massive inland sea that ran north-south across the continent. The Western Interior Sea, as it’s called, connected the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico and was teeming with life. One of the many inhabitants of the sea was the nautilus-like ammonite, from which the name ammolite is derived. The shells of these ocean dwellers became fossilized in ocean sediments over time, and today they are exposed at the surface in the Bearpaw Formation of the Canadian Rockies. Korite International, one of only two companies who mine commercial-grade stones in the region, creates spectacular jewelry from these deposits. Each and every piece of ammolite jewelry is a testament to a far-gone era in Earth’s history.

How Ammolite Jewelry Is Made

Ammolite jewelry pieces are true conversation starters—each eye-catching gemstone has a unique pattern and organic color scheme all its own. The natural ammolite necklaces, including Korite ammolite, in our collection are made by skilled jewelers who painstakingly prepare each stone to ensure it lasts a lifetime in its setting. Ammolite is actually quite fragile—the colorful part of the gem is typically less than a millimeter thick. Depending on the stone, jewelers apply a durable backing plus an outer coat to stabilize and strengthen the stone (called a triplet), or they apply one or the other, as needed (called a doublet).

The extensive collection of high-quality ammolite pendants in our collection, including pieces by Korite, are set in white or yellow gold and are ideal for milestone anniversaries and other special occasions. Alaska Jewelry guarantees the quality of the jewelry on our site and offers generous warranties. Browse our collection below.

It arrived in perfect shape and I do both admire it and enjoy having it to wear. You and your company really know how to treat a customer and that was much appreciated by me. Thanks again for your courtesy and efforts.
Read our blog Alaska JEwelry on Pinterest Alaska Jewelry on Facebook Alaska Jewelry on Twitter Alaska Jewelry on Google Plus
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