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Alaskan Gold Nuggets
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Buy gold nuggets from a reputable source.
This is the most important step, as it tends to take care of most of the other issues. However, if you've never purchased gold nuggets online before, it can be hard to determine whether a seller is reputable or not. Look for companies that have been in business for a long time, have an actual address and a listed phone number. Memberships in trade associations and positive customer testimonials are also a plus.

Buy gold nuggets that have clearly listed weight and measurements.
Gold Nuggets are valued based on their size, (as well as purity, character, and origin) so the listing of accurate weights and measurements are very important. Intentionally vague or misleading pictures and weights are an indication that you're gold nugget shopping in the wrong neighborhood. Blown up pictures, listings in Grains instead of Grams, and pictures next to a ruler that don't show whether the ruler is showing inches or centimeters are all common methods used to separate fools from their money.

(editors note: All nuggets for sale from are pictured next to a ruler showing inches, with weights listed in pennyweights. We do this to avoid the common Gram/Grain misunderstandings, and because gold is priced in Troy Ounces. 20 Pennyweight per Troy Ounce. Simple.)

Buy gold nuggets that are backed by 31 day Risk-Free Returns
Buying online almost always means buying sight-unseen. This involves risk on the part of the buyer, especially in the case of gold nuggets where it can be hard to judge exact dimensions and characteristics. Be aware that there are unscrupulous gold nugget sellers, many of them on auction sites where there is little or no recourse when you discover your purchase is not what you expected. Don't buy gold nuggets from a dealer who requires you to bear all the risk for your purchase.

Buy gold nuggets that show pictures of both sides.
There's more than one side to everything (except Möbius Strips and parent/teenager conversations) and gold nuggets are no exception. People who buy gold nuggets based on one picture would be well advised to avoid online dating.

Buy gold nuggets that list their origin.
Nuggets from Alaska are the most rare, and as such they are the most valuable. Like Alexandrite from Russia and Rubies from Burma (Myanmar), origin makes a difference. This is especially true in larger sized gold nuggets. All of the gold nuggets for sale on are from Alaska. Go figure.

Buy Real Gold Nuggets NOW
Hey Cleve...just received the ring...SUPERB! Even nicer than I imagined...didn't realize that the entire ammolite was faceted. Colors are sensational. Fit is perfect. Gold weight is very substantial. I will definitely not hesitate to do business again with you and will recommend you and your gallery to friends and relatives with great enthusiasm. Once again thank you for ammolite ring is truly a masterpiece.
Read our blog Alaska JEwelry on Pinterest Alaska Jewelry on Facebook Alaska Jewelry on Twitter Alaska Jewelry on Google Plus
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